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Hiking at the Splitrock Stone Quarry

30s and 40s -- Just Moved Back To Syracuse!!!

I grew up near here and used to ride my dirt bike on the trails all around this land. It’s funny too, because we would stop riding and hear music from the 40s off in the distance and would take off on our dirt bikes like we both knew something...

Mere Mortals @Township 5

40+ Group for Single, Divorced, or Widowed Males and Females

We will be in front of the mexican restaurant... Look for the wicker Basket!



McKenzie has been honest, approachable, and very knowledgeable. When I met her I said she would have to work her "butt off" to sell my house. She replied, "always". I can honestly say that in the short time I have worked with McKenzie, she is responsive,... (more)


I have been involved on the legal side with residential real estate for approximately 16 years and in that time have worked with a great number of real estate agents. Ms. Kelly stands out in terms of her knowledge, responsiveness and sensitivity. She really... (more)


I would defintiely recommend McKenzie Kelly to anyone looking for a house. She was great and took us anywhere we wanted to go. She is very honest and really helpful. She is shopping for you not the seller and if there are things to be pointed out, she tells... (more)

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